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The Danger Room

Train for the real battles ahead

Revenge of the Space Math

We heard you like space math, so get ready for orbital mechanics madness.

I Can Haz Satellite

BEEP! Is this thing on? Someone let you into the satellite operations center and it’s time to send some space commands - you’re also gonna want to know how to handle telemetry.

We Get Signal

Modulate THIS! Dr. von Kerman is still working on his Space-Cat7 cables for connecting to our satellites. Until then we’re stuck with these radios.

Crypto Category Placeholder Name

[ED: Do we have a more clever name for this?] XXXX TODO write description

The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug

Are you doing your part? Reverse engineer, exploit, and squash these bugs!

Rocinante Strikes Back

Marco’s got nothing on the surprise that the Roci is bringing